Biodynamic agriculture called “biodynamics” is a means of organic agriculture and we follow its tenets. It tries to come up with a response to unfettered agricultural productivism that has characterized the few last decades and led to catastrophic consequences on both environmental and human terms.

  • maintaining a balance by reactivating soil life
  • strengthening natural resistance of the vines
  • encouraging natural cycles by combining various interactions: soil-water-plant-air-fauna-flora.

Biodynamics is not only enlightened by ancestral wisdom and practices, it also enriched by latest developments in the field. It requires total involvement but has proven to be very gratifying and encouraging for the future as shown by daily results.

This is the ultimate form of sustainable agriculture that encourages soil biodiversity and strengthens the health of the grapes. It allows the wines to fully unveil their qualities and typical characteristics of our terroir.

This approach excludes all phyto-pharmaceutical inputs, synthetic manure, pesticides or other growth regulators. The latter are replaced by natural products, which are used while prioritizing the development of the vineyard and its terroir.

Every year we use a proven method of biodymanic composting by adding preparations made from medicinal plants. It transforms the manure into compost, which is more balanced and fertile for the soil.

These biodynamic preparations help the vine strengthen its immunity and respect the natural balance of flora and fauna at the same time. The wines are more balanced, structured and profound. It is now obvious that during wine tasting, the biodynamic wines are unanimously recognized as far superior in terms of taste and organoleptic quality.